Feature Request-Disable or Enable Motion Actions via HTTP
  • Would anyone else be interested in an HTTP string that can be used to Disable or Enable Motion Detection actions on a camera or cameras using a browser ? Maybe even for a time limit such as "disable for HH hours or MM Minutes"

    I have motion detection enabled on several cameras and SecuritySpy sends email. When the landscapers arrive one day a week, I'd like to be able to shut off the alerts via a url, else I receive a far too many text notifications. I'd still like to record, I'd just like to be able to shut off email notifications after I get the first notice of arrival for a period of time.

    Just a thought.....

  • Hi Peter,

    This is already possible, and there are a few ways to do it.

    The first is simply to set the settings via SecuitySpy's web interface using a web browser. Most settings are available in this way.

    The second is to write a simple AppleScript that issues the command. The advantage here is that you can set this setting for multiple cameras at the same time. See the "Camera Settings Change" example we have at the bottom of our AppleScript Examples page.

    The AppleScript can then be run on either the same computer running SecuritySpy or on a different computer, in order to quickly and easily make the changes.

    You could even add to the script to set a timer as you have described in your post, so that the script sets motion alerts off, waits 2 hours, and sets them back on again before quitting.
  • Can it be done via HTTP, without first navigating to the browser, selecting a camera, then disabling motion ?

    Like the ability to trigger the motion sensor, but like this:


  • It is done by HTTP, but it's a POST request rather than a GET request, so you can't use something like your example above directly in a web browser; it would have to be an AppleScript or Terminal command. For example you could type this into Terminal to achieve what you want:

    curl -d 'cameraNum=0&sendEmailCheck=0&action=save'

    That's if you are doing it on the same computer as SecuritySpy - otherwise you'll have to change the address in the above command.

    There are ways to make such terminal commands into script files themselves, this is an alternative to AppleScript. But the result is the same.

    Yet another way would be to create a custom HTML page which you can add to SecuritySpy's web interface with a simple button that could issue the POST command.
  • My hope was to not re-invent this.

    Selfishly, I just wanted to save a link to my iOS home screen that I could tap when the landscapers arrive if I'm traveling. Depending upon weather and other conditions, they arrive on different days at different times.

    When I was reviewing the HTML commands, I noticed that you could trigger the motion sensor, I was hoping that you could add a similar command to disable motion sensor or disable email notices.

    It was just a suggestion; if the answer is no, I can write a page that will issue the Post Command.
  • Hi Pete, you can't quite do it with an iOS button, but you can certainly make it easy to do from a web browser on iOS:

    Write two AppleScripts as instructed above: one that turns off email alerts and one that turns them on. Save them as applications to the ~/Documents/SecuritySpy/Scripts/ folder on the computer running SecuritySpy.

    In Safari on iOS, open the page http://ss-server-address:8000/++scripts

    You will see the links to the scripts you just created: click on each of the links to run the script on the server computer.

    You can make the ++scripts page into an iOS button for convenience.

  • Done.


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