Access remote laptop or iMac camera without second install of SecuritySpy?
  • Hi, I love this product. Just bought an 8-camera license.

    My idea is to use the built-in cameras in two mac computers, one macbook pro and one iMac.

    I have the SecuritySpy installed on a Mac Mini which will run everything.

    Is there a way I can have SecuritySpy on the Mini access the cameras on the Macbook and iMac as de-facto network cameras without having to install SecuritySpy on each of them?
  • (and then just for completeness, the plan is to get 6 more remote cameras to connect to the mini)
  • Hi - thanks, glad you like SecuritySpy! Yes we have a product designed exactly for this purpose: RemoteSight. You run RemoteSight on the Macbook and iMac, which will turn their built-in cameras into network cameras that can stream video to be recorded by SecuritySpy on the Mac mini.
  • Awesome! Thanks so much.

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