Repurposing cctv cameras
  • Hi Ben,
    Now that I've somewhat successfully transformed from analog to digital, I was wondering if I could use an RJ45 adapter on on BNC cables, using the power injector that they have always had, and re-purpose my KT&C analog cameras?

  • Hi Juan, it is possible to transmit analog video over UTP (ethernet) cabling, using simple cheap "balun" devices such as these ones (I have no connection with this company - I found them after a quick google search and they seem to have a good range). I'm not sure if power will be transmitted though - best to check before purchase. Although I don't see why it wouldn't.

    Although note that you would need a dedicated cable per camera, so if you have coax cable installed anyway it's best to use that. Or just dump the low-res analog cameras and stick to all-digital :)
  • Thanks Ben, I guess moving to a complete new system would be best, and now I have cctv cameras that make pretty good paper weight. ;-)

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