Error code: 22177, -1309
  • Dear Friends
    I was informed of the following error (Error code: 22177, -1309)
    Any idea how to fix it
  • This error indicates that the file that SecuritySpy is trying to create is too big for the capture drive. This usually indicates that the format of the drive is wrong. For all non-network drives you should always use "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" format. Any other format may result in these problems.

    External USB/FireWire/Thunderbolt drives often come pre-formatted in DOS format. This format has limitations on the file sizes and is not ideal for use on a Mac. You should use Disk Utility to reformat such drives in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format.

    This does come up from time to time, so I will add a textual description for this error in the next update of SecuritySpy so the code is not so cryptic!

    Hope this helps.

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