Working with a zmodo camera
  • I have a zmodo ZP-IBH13-P camera that claims to be ONVIF compliant, but I can't figure out how to get the video get picked up by SecuritySpy. I can connect on a windows machine using the zmodo software, but when I enter the info as a manually configured camera (SecuritySpy doesn't list zmodo cameras) it won't connect. Has anyone worked with a zmodo camera before? Thanks!
  • Hi Sandy, you need to use the ONVIF setting in SecuritySpy, not the Manual setting. If you are using an old version of SecuritySpy that doesn't have ONVIF capabilities, you will need to download and use the latest version of SecuritySpy. You will find the ONVIF setting in the "Device type" list in the Video Device Settings window.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the advice! I updated the software, but unfortunately am still unable to get it working. I'm going to try and get in contact with zmodo to see if they have anything to recommend.
  • Hi Sandy, we can try to look into this further for you. Please can you email us the Log file that you will find in the SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder, and also include a screenshot of the camera's setup in the Video Device Settings window (to capture a screenshot, press command-shift-4 and select the area you want to capture - a file called "Screen shot" will appear on your desktop). This should allow us to determine what is going wrong.
  • Was any progress made on this? I am looking at adding several of these ZMODO cameras and it would be great to confirm if the ONVIF issue was ever resolved here
  • Hi racemc - we have had other customers using Zmodo cameras so there's no reason why they shouldn't work. Do you already have a Zmodo camera?

    Sandy - if you can email us the information we asked for we can look into this issue for you.
  • I was able to connect a new ZMODO cam just now to SecuritySpy. I used the ONVIF setting under Device Type and left the port boxes empty. Worked right away. Thanks for the info!
  • ahallada - that's good to hear. Please can you let us know the exact Zmodo camera model you have? Thanks.
  • Hey Ben
    Sorry I missed this question. It was the same cam as above except with the -w instead of -p after it for wireless. Although I was able to get it running, I couldn't get it to remain stable on any 3rd party software. It flickered on and off and seemed to have trouble in full daylight with color processing. This camera has firmware issues that need to be fixed before it's ready for 3rd party application. Sent it back!

  • This is a warning to users of Zmodo cameras:

    The latest firmware release from Zmodo intentionally disables standard protocols such as ONVIF and RTSP, which prevents them working with third-party software such as SecuritySpy. They claim that they are doing this for the purposes of "fixing security issues", however a less charitable (but in my opinion more plausible) interpretation is that this is a tactic to force customers to use their own apps and recorders.

    I would advise anyone with a Zmodo camera to avoid installing any further firmware updates, and to make sure the camera is not set to update itself automatically.

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