Can Camera layouts be re-arranged?
  • Hello,

    I am trying to re-order the lay out so that one zone leads to the other, but it's backwards; (left is right, right is left). Please let me know if that is possible. I tried creating a group and adding the one I want to the left first, but it does not work.


  • Hi Klawd, yes this is possible: simply click and drag the camera names in the Camera Status window up and down in order to change the order of cameras. This order is then used for all the video windows.
  • Thank you Ben, very helpful; I will try once I get home.

    After months, of testing various software I finally settled and purchased my license. If my current computer crashed, I should not have any issues re-installing on a new one right?

    Also -as a side note- if I decided to add additional cameras, would I get credit for my current 4 camera license?

    Thanks again for always responding to my support emails.


  • Hi Klawd, Thanks for purchasing :) Yes if you decide to upgrade in the future, you simply pay the difference in price between the two licenses, so it works out exactly the same cost as buying the larger license initially.

    And if you need to reinstall SecuritySpy for any reason, simply download the software from our web site and enter your license details.

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