Sound with Axis M1054
  • How do I send sound through the M1054? I can get it to send sound through the host computer but not through the internal speakers. Also, is there a way to configure 2-way communication?
  • You might be able to write an Applescript to send remote sound, but to my knowledge there is no way to do this.

    The only way I've seen to get 2- way communication would be through devices that have SIP capability (Huacam, Mobotix, Grandstream) and then tie that to something like Asterisk, and/or a softphone on your computer. Very complex if it's not something you're familiar setting up. This would not connect with SecuritySpy in any way, except perhaps if there was an Applescript that launched a call upon a camera event.
  • SecuritySpy obviously supports sounds from the camera -> computer. To hear this sound through the computer's speakers, click the small speaker icon in the Camera Status window.

    Sending sound from the computer -> camera (2-way audio) is currently not supported in SecuritySpy however this is planned for the future, and Axis cameras will be the first ones we will support.

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