Logging on write time-outs
  • Does Security Spy log write failures?
  • SecuritySpy logs all errors into the Log file that resides in the SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder (or in SecuritySpy go to the File menu and select "Open log").
  • Thanks, Ben,

    In learning your cool system I have set up the server instance using a mount / share / foo to another mac for movie capture. Running 8 odd cameras with motion capture I wasn't sure if the disk server was / is up to the task. So I was monitoring the capture directories by eye while watching the camera status window - to try and catch capture moments. Which is sort of tedious, fleeting and therefore unreliable.

    So from your response if the disk server cholks and the Security Spy server can't write I'll get an error message in the Security Spy log.

    Thanks again?

    Is there an 'info' level logging option? ie: a timestamped transaction log of events?
  • Yes that's correct: you'll get an error written to the log if there is any problem writing data to the capture destination. If you want to be notified of errors, use the option in SecuritySpy's Preferences to send you emails of error reports. These will contain the date and time (to the second) of the error event.

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