Dynds web server
  • I have set up a web server using dyndns. Before I leave the house I access the server and everything is working fine. Later in the day, when I try to access Security Spy remotely, Safari tells me it cannot find the server. What is happening here? Possible that the computer it is running on went to sleep?
  • Hi - if the message is "cannot find server" or "DNS lookup failed" then there is a problem with the DNS name. If the message is "cannot connect to server" or "no data received from server" (or something similar) then it's a connection issue that is probably down to the port forwarding settings in the router (or the computer going to sleep - although SecuritySpy prevents this by default while it is running).

    We would advise you to use SecuritySpy's built-in DDNS system; you set this up in the Web Server Settings window. Have you done this?
  • Thanks; I will try the built-in DDNS system when I get home -- also check on sleep default setting.

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