• Hello! I got an iCamera-1000 up and running great! I used the EyeSpy247 settings and it works well, but only comes in at 320x240. I know the camera is capable of a nigh resolution picture. Am I using the right settings? I didn't see iCamera 1000 in the settings and ended up with EyeSpy247.
  • I would like to know, 3 years later, do you still have this camera configured? I cannot access it in SS 3.0.4. I can connect to it from it's user interface though.
  • SecuritySpy 3.0.4 is a very old version, I recommend you try the latest SecuritySpy 4.x version, or at least SecuritySpy 3.4.10.

    Try this in SecuritySpy:

    - Use Manual Configuration
    - Use the HTTP Format
    - Enter the username/password

    As the Request, try each of these in turn - one should work:






    Please report back.
  • Hi Ben

    I got this thing working in SS 3 and 4 using the preset noted in the OP. It did not work until I did a hard reset of the router. Troubleshooting is such fun. The resolution on these things leave much to be desired but an indoor/outdoor, night vision camera will come in handy. I bought a set of 4 for $35. Thanks!

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