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  • Hello,

    I just open up my office yesterday. I am looking to add my equipment over the next few days. I am loving the security software! Awesome Job. Here is what I need to know that I cant seem to find on your website. What is the best setup and what are you guys recommending for a brand new setup.. i mean from camera to server or is a server even necessary for a wifi camera?

    I like this camera or should I say I am not married to any camera but I like the price range..


    I am looking at the four camera system. One outdoors and 3 inside... I have either a 2010 mac mini or a 2009 imac. Do I need anything additional to make it work? Or what is the best recommended setup. I am pretty tech savvy but dont know a whole lot about cameras and security.. If someone can just advise me of the following

    1. Best wifi cameras for getting good night shots( my office is downtown and I have glass front windows.)

    2. Do I need additional hardware for wifi cameras?? if so what?

    3. Any thing else? I also want to be able to access images from my ipad or iphone when I am away from the office if possible.

    Sorry if this info is cleary posted on the website somewhere that I am overlooking.. any help will be appreciated.


  • Glad you like the software!

    The D-Link DCS-2332L is a good camera that has an impressive array of features and a competitive price. Unfortunately, nowhere does D-Link declare the camera's low-light sensitivity so we don't know how well it will do in low light. However it does have built-in infra-red LEDs, so it should work fine as long as the subject isn't too far from the camera.

    We have some other IP camera recommendations - for you the Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100 is a good choice if you can connect it by ethernet cable, otherwise the Y-cam Bullet HD is similar and has WiFi. These are both excellent outdoor cameras. For best quality you'll want to mount your cameras actually outside, rather than inside looking through windows. Either of these two, or the D-Link, should work well.

    There are some indoor-only cameras on the above blog post too.

    To answer your other questions:

    2. You need a camera, a WiFi access point or router (e.g. an Airport Express), and a Mac running SecuritySpy. If you can wire the cameras using ethernet cables this will give you better performance and reliability, but WiFi should work find if this is not possible. Likewise if you can connect the Mac to the router/access point using wired ethernet that would be best too.

    3. We have instructions for setting up remote monitoring. This can be from another computer (Mac or PC), or an iOS device.

    Hope this helps!
  • Do you have any recommended layouts for an ethernet network? I have three HD cameras and three 640x480 cameras. I'd like to install ethernet cabling for all cams. I'm running SecuritySpy on a MacMini. My cable modem is connected to an Airport Extreme via ethernet. And my MacMini is connected to the network via wifi.

    Does it make sense to connect an ethernet switch to the Airport and then run ethernet cables to all cameras from that switch? Or will that bog down my network as much as it is currently bogged down with all cameras connected via wifi?
  • Hi xrayspecs - you don't want this traffic going over WiFi as it will significantly impact the speed of your WiFi network and will lead to poor performance for the cameras.

    Ideally you will get an ethernet switch (preferably Gigabit and with PoE if your cameras support this), and connect the AirPort, cameras and Mac mini to this switch.

    If it is not possible to run a cable from the Mac mini to the AirPort, then the second-best setup would be to have the switch next to the Mac mini and connecting the Mac mini and cameras to that switch. In this setup, the camera traffic goes directly to the Mac via wired ethernet and therefore doesn't impact your WiFi network, while your Mac maintains its internet connection over WiFi (so your Mac is essentially on two different networks).

    The only problem with this solution is that there will be no DHCP server on the wired network (which comprises just the Mac mini and cameras), which makes the setup of the cameras a bit tricky. Let me know if you are aware of this and know what to do, or if you want further instructions about this.

    Hope this helps.
  • We have an Asus RT-N66U Router connected to a Gigabit switch that supports wired connections as well as WIFI at 5 GHz for mobile devices. No cameras connect to this directly.

    We have a separate Wireless Access Point wired to the switch. The access point is in bridge mode. That access point is 2.4 GHz and we use exclusively for the cameras.

    It seems to work well within the limitations of WIFI.

    My understanding is that if your WIFI is 802.11n and a device connects at 802.11g, then the WIFI is throttled back and every connected device, whether it is "n" or "g" then connects at the slower "g" speeds.

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