Wireless IP changes almost weekly - Router or Provider?
  • I've been using Security Spy for at least a few years. I have 3-4 Foscam wireless cameras and a few CCTV cameras all connected through Security Spy. I recently had issues with a router so purchased a new router (Belkin N750 Dual Band Wireless Router). Since the beginning of using this router it seems like my Wireless IP - which helps me tunnel in through DNS with Remote Patrol - changes on a weekly basis. Once I realize it's not working I have to go to my Mac> System Preferences> Network to get the new wireless IP and adjust in my porting.

    Any idea why this is happening? Router or Internet Provider? If you need more info please let me know. Happy to provide.
  • This is typical behaviour with DHCP, which is the protocol for automatically assigning IP addresses to devices on the network. What you'll have to do is set up your Mac with a static address on your local network - this is explained in our SecuritySpy Installation Manual.

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