Mac Mini as DVR and Media Server
  • Any one using their Mini for Security Spy and Plex (media streaming)?
  • A Mac mini is a good choice for a SecuritySpy system and can also be used for other things at the same time (I've never used Plex but it should run happily alongside SecuritySpy provided the computer is fast enough). We have an online system requirements calculator that will help you choose the right computer for your needs.
  • I have a one generation old mac mini (2.5Ghz i5 processor) and it's running a 4 camera license. I also have it running itunes to the rest of the house and use it with XBMC as well as other home server tasks (rip dvds), etc.

    It's quiet, fast and has been working perfect for over a year, the previous box was also a mac mini that was the first generation intel mini and it too worked well.

  • Bob, how often are you having to delete your security recordings to make room and how big is your hard drive on your mini?
  • I have a 1T primary drive, I set security spy to leave 50G free and looking in my browser I have about 9 days of recordings. My setup is record 5 frames/sec 24x7 with 4 cameras. However, some of the cameras (2) are pretty low quality. I'm slowly converting over to the new DLink cameras such as the DCS2332L which I'm running at 1280x800 and getting some impressive (for the price) images.
  • I use my mac Mini as a Security Spy server recording movement from 4 Axis Cameras to a remote NAS drive (LAN) and it also has a 3TB usb drive attached so it can perform it's role as a Plex Media Server. I have had it streaming 1080p movies to 2 TV's without breaking into a sweat. You just have to tweak the compression settings to keep the CPU reasonable.

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