Cat6 Worth It
  • I am about to purchase some CAT cable to begin the runs. Is CAT6 really necessary over CAT5e? I don't have the network equipment to handle 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and don't really see a need where I ever will.
  • If this cabling is for IP cameras, then you don't need anything more than 5e. Typical data rates of IP cameras are far below the 1 Gbps capabilities of this wire. Make sure to use a good quality Gigabit Ethernet switch (e.g. Netgear).

    For other cable runs, where the purpose is to connect computers or other devices together to form a local network, you may want to consider future-proofing these runs by using CAT6 (10 Gbps up to 55 meters) or CAT6A (10 Gbps up to 100 meters).
  • I may decide to add an extra run for an access point, but it’s mostly going to be cameras. I have all UniFi equipment currently.
  • I’ve found that 24 gauge is a pain to work with, 23 gauge is easier.

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