New feature request - snooze alerts
  • Hi. Wonderful software and the latest release seems to work well so far on Big Sur. If I may request a useful feature for iOS notifications would be to have the ability to snooze for say 15 mins? any further notifications from security spy. Many times I am out front of my house doing some work and the motion feature picks me up and I get several notifications popping up all the time. (Better yet would be the ability of the AI to recognize people and allow for filtering them out of detection alerts)?
  • This is exactly the purpose of SecuritySpy's Schedule Overrides, which are described under the Recording and Schedules section of the user manual. It sounds like, in your case, you would set the Actions schedule override to "Unarmed for 1 hour". This can be done via the macOS user interface, the web interface, or the iOS app (in the iOS app, click the "A" icon when viewing the camera to set its schedules and overrides).

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