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  • Hi, I am trying to get the homehelper app to work with my security spy. I have actions & triggers setup up to run cameras on when motion is detected. Cameras work as usual & are motion activated but my lights wont turn on. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Hi Jerry,

    It's a bit difficult to tell what could be going wrong from this description. Is it correct that you have some HomeKit lights, and you want them to turn on when a particular camera detects motion? If so, here's what you should do:

    - In HomeHelper, add an Action and give it a name.
    - In that Action, add the lamps/bulbs you want to control, and set the parameters of each (e.g. set to 100% brightness).
    - Save the Action in HomeHelper.

    - In SecuritySpy, go to Preferences > Cameras > Actions, for the camera(s) that you want to associate with this HomeKit action.
    - For the "HomeKit Action" setting, choose the Action that you created in HomeHelper.
    - Save the Preferences in SecuritySpy.

    - In SecuritySpy, make sure that Actions mode for the camera(s) in question is armed. You should see that the "A" indicator in the video windows and the Camera Info window for this camera is orange, and turns red when motion is detected. If, instead, this A indicator is grey, this means that Actions mode is unarmed. Click on it and select a suitable schedule, for example "Armed 24/7".

    Does that resolve the problem?
  • Hi there, I've just discovered and am loving your new HomeHelper app. I've quickly got it up and running to detect motion on a camera and turn on a HomeKit light. I'm trying to get it to turn the light off after I guess no motion? I see there is a 'reset after x seconds' and I've tried that but its not turning it off.. What does 'reset after' actually do and how could I perhaps use it to turn the light off after no motion? thanks!
  • Ok ignore my comment above!! I've figured out that 10 sec's is too quick of a time to turn the lights off.. so if I set it >10s its working perfectly. Thanks again for a great assistant app for Security Spy.

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