correct the aspect ratio
  • Hello

    I've connetced my Floureon DVR with Security Spy
    Everything is working great, except the aspect ratio of the video.

    The video is sent in DVR resolution of 1080N (960 (944) x1080), this resolution is not displayed at 16:9
    Only the 720p resolution send the correct aspect ratio, but I loose the quality.

    When opening the RTSP feed in VLC, I can change the ratio in 16/9 and the result is perfect.

    Is there a way to have a such option in Securityspy ?
    A simple way to update the ratio in 16/9 will do the job :-)

    Thank you!
  • If you show the "Video Size" column in the Camera Info window, what does it say there for the resolution of the incoming video? If you don't see this column, click the header bar (where you see the column names) to add it.

    1080N should be 960x1080 (or sometimes 1080x960, apparently), and is almost square. It's quite an unusual format that we don't see very often. SecuritySpy will display the video in the resolution and aspect ratio that is being supplied by the camera (assuming square pixels) and will not distort the image to fit a particular aspect ratio.

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