I want to use a second monitor to display security spy
  • I will be using a 2019 27 iMac to run security spy. I want to view the camera display on an adjacent monitor. Is this possible?
  • i use a late 2013 imac and have ss showing 4 cameras on a second screen i have connected via the display port - very easy to set up in system preferences so can’t imagine you will have any issues at all
  • As @chubsta says, this is easy to set up. Once you have added the second monitor (via DisplayPort/HDMI/Thunderbolt etc.), you can move SecuritySpy's video windows to the second monitor and you have the option to make individual windows full screen on one monitor, or use SecuritySpy's global full screen mode (Command-F) to turn all monitors in to full screen views, with different cameras assigned to different screens.

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