Camera Recommendations
  • Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on cameras with decent night vision. Something that won’t break the bank. I got an Amcrest 4MP and it’s just ok. Also looking for a wifi cameras.
  • Dahua and Hikvision are generally good value, are a step up in quality from Amcrest, and many of their cameras have very good night vision. For something a bit higher quality than that, take a look at Milesight, Zavio or Vivotek.

    I would strongly recommend using wired Ethernet where possible. WiFi won't be nearly as reliable, and will limit your options.
  • If you're going to use wifi cameras, you really need to have your wifi network well optimized and in good order. The $200 cheap junk home routers won't cut it unless your home is small and you configure it carefully.

    I have an Amcrest IP8M-2493EW in a huge, tall room and it sees everything well. It is rated for 98 feet of night illumination. Oh, and "night vision" can mean two things. Good IR illumination, or very good intrinsic light gathering ability. You can also add standalone IR LED lighting to a room. I have one in a garage with a lot of expensive stuff, and it basically lights up the place like daylight for the camera, but is not human-visible.
  • Amcrest 8MP offer 131’ of night vision. However the IR beam is much narrower than the camera FOV. They are POE.
    After seeing the results of getting cameras off the household WiFi I moved TV’s to Ethernet, too. TV streaming is far more stable and now devices on the WiFi work much better. Go Ethernet if you can.

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