Instant Replay, where?
  • Can't find this feature.
  • This is described in the user manual here: SecuritySpy User Manual - Instant Replay.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions about this.
  • This doesn't seem to work when connected remotely. Will use of this feature ever be added if remote viewing or to the Apple TV or iPhone Apps?
  • This feature is for video windows in SecuritySpy's macOS user interface only at this time. It would not be easy to implement such a feature for remote viewing.
  • This is a useful feature. However I am having a problem if anyone can help. When I click on Instant Replay, the current video stream is paused (I know this because the time stops) and I get a yellow bar at the top which decreases from (i.e. it goes from left to right if that makes sense), after that is done I am back on my video stream. Whilst the yellow bar is decreasing, if I click on it the recorded clip can be all accessed. Hope you understand. If this is unheard of I can make screen recording to show it.
    Just to eliminate any possible processing power issue I disabled all other cameras and just tried with one to no avail.
  • Hi @abid what you are describing is expected behaviour.

    While in an instant replay session, moving backwards/forward in time is under manual control. This can be done by clicking and dragging the yellow bar, or holding the Command button on the keyboard and scrolling left/right with the mouse. Without any manual input, you will see a static frame.

    The yellow indicator shows the current location in the instant replay buffer. During the replay session, new incoming frames are being added to the buffer continually, hence the yellow indicator gets adjusted for each new incoming frame that is added.

    Please let me know if any of this isn't clear.
  • Sorry I was thinking it will automatically and simply replay the last number of seconds that were set in Preferences -> General.
    Yes, thank you I now understand how it works.

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