How to see both continuous and motion clips in timeline?
  • If you have a camera with both continuous and motion active it just shows up as one color in the timeline because the continuous clip is covering the whole timeline. Is there a way to see both? If I select only motion clips it still shows me the solid color for the continuous and I can't visually see how many motion triggers there are. Maybe when you select "only motion clips" it takes away the continuous clip in the timeline? or maybe a darker color for the motion clips? so you can see them both? just a thought

    Also on that note, If I make 2 cameras (1 for Motion, 1 for continuous) does it take up more CPU than if I did one 1 camera with both?
  • Because motion-capture movies are shorter than continuous-capture movies, and they are typically always captured at an equal or higher frame rate, they are always shown in front of continuous-capture movies. So if you select a motion-capture movie in the file list on the left, you should see it (and just it) highlighted in the timeline, and the video you see is coming from the motion-capture movie.

    If you set up two instances of the same camera in SecuritySpy, each doing their own recording, you should not see a significant increase in CPU usage, as long as each instance has identical settings set under Preferences > Cameras > Device.
  • Ah yes, I see what you are saying. And if I select all my motion clips they all show up in my timeline. I know it's a little thing but I think it would be helpful to have this on all the time. Visually it's very handy to know how many motion clips you've pinged within you continuous stream.

    Anyways, thanks for the reply Ben. I just stumbled onto your software after I got tired of my old one and I'm definitely a fan. Nice job.

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