All unify cameras stopped connecting
  • I'm using unify protect with four cameras and its been working fine, but all of a sudden I'm getting unexpected data (and no pic) message on all cameras, anyone else see this?
    I've just changed to the latest beta version of SS and no change.
    I am using the RTSP feed on all cameras and they are all working fine in Protect.
    I've not changed anything recently, but protect is on auto update so it may have done an update I'm not aware of.
  • this is the error I get from one of the cameras

    Error from camera "outside", it will be closed. (Failed to decompress incoming video frame 22185,71042 Decompression failed)
  • Yep - I've got this exact same issue too - Guessing it may be due to the latest Protect update.
    Couldn't see anything specific in the release notes but it has that blanket 'general fixes' which could have introduced an issue.
  • These devices do seem a bit temperamental - the firmware seems to be getting more buggy over time. Please try both the "RTSP" and the "RTSP UDP" Format options under Preferences > Cameras > Device. Does one work better than the other?

    Are you streaming to SecuritySpy directly from the cameras, or from a UniFi NVR?
  • Mine has been solid for months, only until this recent update.
    RTSP UDP also has the same issue for me, it just won't connect or produce any image.

    It should be streaming direct from the cameras by following the steps here:
  • Using aUDM Pro
    Already tried changing every option I could but not once could I get the video back. They’ve def changed something :(
  • Oh and yep, I'm using a UDM Pro here too which runs Unifi Protect on it locally
  • Interestingly, I am running Protect on a UniFi UNVR and fourteen UniFi cameras continue to display perfectly in SecuritySpy and I’ve made no changes.
  • Have you done a Protect update recently?
  • You’re probably running older protect software. Mine is on v1.16.0 which is dated end Oct which was suspiciously close to when they stopped working on the 4th Nov.
  • Running v1.15 and have turned off automatic updates. Is it possible to revert to an older version? Given the reputation for problematic updates, it would be good practice to have a plan in place to be able to restore a formerly stable installation.
  • Yeah I could easily revert but I’d prefer to stick to latest versions. It’s easy to blame ubiquiti for problematic updates, but I see more benefits than negatives and my cameras are hardly mission critical so it works ( most of the time) for me.

    Anyway the good news is, as of about midnight (I’m +4 gmt) they all suddenly started working again, I’m not aware of any changes but will check logs shortly....
  • Yes now on V1.16.2 as of late last night
  • @ConvenInteg

    Dumb question here. Curious why you need to connect Protect to SS? Im debating between a Protect system versus SS to replace my Dahua system. The new Mac Mini M1 definitely moves me to favor SS.
  • I'm curious why you would use SS with Unifi Protect? I have been trying to decide between these two systems to replace my Dahua system, but I have not even thought of a hybrid between the two systems.

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