Weird problem
  • Hi, running Mac OS 10.15.5, security spy has stopped sending "video" to our iPads and iPhones. You get like the first frame of each camera, then it freezes and the little camera with an X through it icon appears. Every time, every device. It seems like we are getting frame 1 but nothing else. When I view the camera's on the server computer (a 2018 Mac mini), I see full video with no stopping.

    What do I do?
  • I just received a new 2020 iPad Air 4, running iPadOS 14.1. It has no problem displaying video sent via WiFi; nor does an iPhone Xr via LTE. Web server is a Mac Mini (10.15.7) running SS 5.2.6.
  • I've tried it via wifi and also my cellular play is best of the best... and unlimited. Same.

    I think I'm running like 11 or 13 camera's right now. I can get one frame, then swipe to look at a new camera... then swipe back and that single frame will update.

    No video!!!
  • I’ve seen something similar (1-3 frames, then freeze up). Restarting the web server usually restores normal streaming.

  • Hi @ElectroHawk - what version of SecuritySpy are you running on your Mac? This was a problem with the older v4 version which is now fixed in the latest 4.2.14 update available on the SecuritySpy previous versions page. This has never been a problem with any v5 version of SecuritySpy as far as we know.

    Another thing you can try is going to the SecuritySpy settings on your iOS device, and setting the "Live H.264 Video" to off. Maybe there is some particular problem with your system in terms of streaming H.264 video data.
  • Hi, the version is 4.2.14... and sorry it took so long to get back to you on this. I've had so much going on lately. Anyway, turning off "Live H.264 Video" did the trick.

    Thank you. Video action is restored.

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