Odd image transformation issue
  • Running the latest version of SS, I have a USB camera attached to my Mac Mini to monitor the server room exhaust fan as a backup method to verify operation. Due to the placement of the camera I needed to flip and rotate the image. This was working fine for months up until 2 days ago. Now, it appears as the image does to the camera without any transformation (upside down). I've tried applying the transformations again and clicking "Apply"...the image shows up as it should in the preview, but the second I hit apply it changes back. Restarting SS, removing and re-adding the camera, and physically unplugging and plugging it back in doesn't help, either. Any ideas?
  • Sorry about this, it's a bug. It should be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.7b1). Please confirm.
  • Hi Ben, I'm only seeing 5.2.6b7 (the link description says 7b1, but the software reports version 6b7 both once launched and if you do "get info" on the program itself). If that's the correct version, I have tried and no luck.
  • Sorry about that, it's the wrong version. I have re-uploaded 5.2.7b1 - please try downloading and installing again.
  • No worries. Installed - issue resolved. Thanks Ben!

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