Security Spy iOS app
  • Does anyone experience this behavior with the new app? After having the app on the main camera screen showing multiple cameras for sometime (this is being used in an in-wall iPad), if I click on a particular camera to view, it opens and immediately closes back to the main screen showing all the cameras. If I close the app reopen it (restart the app), I can then view the cameras normally. After some time of showing the main camera screen, the previous behavior happens again, and repeat, etc.

    This didn't happen (as I remember, has never happened before on previous version). This happens on both in wall iPads - running iOS 14.0.1. Also running latest SS 5 on MacMini.

    Any others experiencing this?
  • Sorry about this, I'm not immediately sure what this could be, as we haven't been able to reproduce this issue. When this happens again, could you please take a short video (e.g. with your iPhone pointed at the iPad), upload this to, and then email us the download link so that we can take a look?

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