Error reports - computer may be overloaded?
  • I've moved my SecuritySpy server functions from a Late-2014 Mac Mini (3.0-3.5 GHz i7, 2 cores, 4 threads, with 16G of RAM) to a new 2018 Mac Mini (3.2-4.6 GHz i7, 6 cores, 12 threads with 32G of RAM) and suddenly I'm getting error messages like:

    Error creating a JPEG image for camera "". 5.2.6b6,55320,83791 Failed to compress video frame. Encoder/Decoder is not ready; computer may be overloaded.

    Activity Monitor is showing about 50% CPU Idle time, any idea where this is coming from? Does it mean the computer (or camera) that it's trying to record is getting bogged down, or is it this new server?

    I've tried different FIT_headless and FIT_4K dongles, and it doesn't seem to make much difference. I'm fiddling around with motion detection and such, but what's my best bet for figuring out what's causing the problem?

  • This is apparently a problem with encoding JPEG images, which are used for any of the following purposes:

    - Sending JPEG video via the web interface
    - Capturing still JPEG images for Continuous Capture
    - Capturing still JPEG images for Motion Capture
    - Uploading JPEG images to FTP servers
    - Sending emails with attached images.

    What is happening is that video frames are being queued faster than they are being encoded, and when the queue is full (5 frames per camera) this warning message is generated. The message is fairly harmless; all you will experience is a few dropped frames in captures/web streaming/emails, which will be hardly noticeable.

    It doesn't sound like your computer is actually overloaded - it's probably just a combination of lots of JPEG images being created in a short period of time for some reason, combined with SecuritySpy's relatively small queue size (chosen to minimise latency for web streaming). To avoid this, you could look at ways to reduce the number of JPEG images that have to be created quickly by tweaking the settings for the above functions.

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