Downgrading application
  • I would really like to go back to version 5.2.4. Version 5.2.5 is not working. Is there a link to version 5.2.4 on your site?
  • Here is the download link: SecuritySpy 5.2.4. What problems are you seeing in v5.2.5? Many of the known issues have been now fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy, which will be released as an official v5.2.6 update later this week (primarily video corruption issues when the Mac is overloaded). So if you can test the beta and report back that would be very helpful.
  • the server no longer sends emails when motion is triggered.
  • the link to 5.2.4 is not working.
  • Sorry about that, the link above is now fixed. However this email issue has now been fixed in the latest beta version, so it would be helpful if you could try that first, and confirm that it has been fixed. Thanks.
  • Thank you, I prefer not to be a beta tester.
  • FYI we've now released an official update (version 5.2.6), which includes this fix.

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