Lost Dashboard Widget in 10.14 after Latest Release
  • After updating to 4.2.13 (2008 MacPro), my dashboard widgets stopped working on my 2010 MacPro with 10.14 (main release for not upgrading).

    With the older widget, after upgrading, I received the "?" on all 8 prior working widgets.

    I downloaded the latest widget and nothing happens when I click on the "I" button on the widget. I could not set it up. I did the normal restarts and I did get it so I can input my data (same data for years) and I still receive the "?" with the latest widget and SS update for an older MacPro.
  • I tried both the internal IP address and the viewcam.me address.

    Other remote viewing via the web or iOS app, is working fine.
  • A couple of other things I noticed since updating to 4.2.13:

    -The storage amounts are no longer listed on the webserver page...it shows storage but the amounts are no longer listed.

    -The delete old files by disk space stopped working...I had it set for 10GB but my hard drive filled up. I never had this issue before.
  • Thanks for letting us know about these issues, I have replied to your email with a link to a beta version that should fix them all. Please confirm.

  • Thank you for your quick action.

    It seems the issues are now resolved. The new iOS app works with the update as well.

    I responded to your email.

  • Looking forward to the new version as I am in the same predicament after updating to SS 4.2.13 - not able to view via widgets (macOS 10.13.6 on MBP).

    Also have an issue with the camera (USB, HP HD Pro Webcam C920) timing out when viewing via iOS app.
  • I am on the same boat, please keep us posted about this beta. Other than the widgets being broken on 10.4.6, everything works as expected.

    I like the Daily Statistics Report, that's pretty cool!

  • We have just released SecuritySpy 4.2.14 to address these issues. You can obtain this update via the "Check For Update" option in the SecuritySpy menu in your current version, or via the SecuritySpy previous versions download page.
  • Just updated and everything works great! Thanks for the quick fix!
  • Have updated and widgets are back, thanks Ben.

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