Some SS 5 Questions
  • Hi Ben,

    i've been using SS4 since a couple of years with 6 cameras and did update to the new SS5 version for a couple of weeks ago and after some testing i got some questions.

    1. When i switch to the browser to view fresh recorded files for a specific camera i am forced to click another camera before the new recorded files gets updated for the camera i wanted to watch in the first place. Thats pretty anoying could this be a bug? I wrote to you about this problem for a couple of years ago....

    2. Why is it not possible to access my cameras internal settings through SS like other apps example Hikvision iVMS4200? Its pretty contra productive that i need to use another "free" app like Hikvision iVMS4200 for mac to access my cameras to do internal adjustments. I like that i can use one app like VMS4200 to do all the work in one interface, access my cameras, intrusion, crossline ect. directly from inside the app. I like it so much that i am wondering if i should use it instead of SS. It would make sence to me to add this feature to SS5 in the near future or maybe i am overlooking something?

    3. Are SS5 compressing all incoming video? (I have not chosen any compressing in my settings). I am using SS5 on a new Mac mini i7 and it runs without any cpu stress, but it seems that SS5 got problems catching up the good quality from my cams and like to stutter when recording a couple of cams at the same time even through the fact that my mac ain't doing much more than 4% cpu load and are running only SS5? The network are working without problems so i don't understand why SS are struggling to playback my mainstreams? When i use another app like iVMS 4200 i dont have any lags so i guess it must be SS that are struggling doing AI and recordings at the same time or?...

    4. When using PTZ the preset 8 gets saved as preset 19 and not 8?

    Kind Regards Daniel
  • Hi Daniel,

    To answer your questions:

    1. The browser can't (currently) load new data while it's playing back data from the same camera. The thing to do here is use the "Rescan" option from the Browser menu (Command-Shift-R) in order to pull in any new video footage.

    2. This is because there are literally thousands of different IP cameras from hundreds of different manufacturers, all with different features and interfaces. It would be impossible for us to support the advanced settings for IP cameras in SecuritySpy. However you don't need to use iVMS4200 for this - they way to do this for virtually all IP cameras is via their web interfaces (e.g. via Safari). And, generally these settings only need to be set once.

    3. If you haven't turned on the "Recompress" options under Preferences > Cameras > Device, then SecuritySpy will not be performing any recompression for recording movie files. If you are getting jerky video, please try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy and let me know if that helps (it specifically fixes a problem related to jerky video).

    4. I'm a bit confused by your description here, as SecuritySpy's preset buttons only go up to 8. If you use SecuritySpy to save a preset (alt-click in a preset button), is it the case or not that you can then recall that preset from within SecuritySpy using the same numbered button?
  • Okay will test the beta. Thanks for your response! ;)

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