Gamut camera setup
  • Have just got a Gamut IP camera from SpyCamera CCTV. As a trial (also to replace some defunctional Unifi cameras). Having issues trying to get it work with SecuritySpy. In theory it should work with RTSP. But am having difficulties.

    Its a Gamut GTIP230B

    Funnily enough, it says its outputting H.265, but can you believe the max browser that can support is Internet Explorer, can't support new versions of Chrome or Firefox!! I had to dust off an old reprovisioned laptop and still had to install IE!!!

    Anyway, any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!
  • Gamut is a brand we haven't come across before, however the specifications for this particular camera do indicate ONVIF support, which is good news and makes it likely that the camera will work in SecuritySpy. Try this:

    - Make sure the camera is connected to your network with power
    - Go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in SecuritySpy
    - Add a new network device via the plus button (bottom left)
    - Click the "Auto-Discovered Devices" button - if the camera implements ONVIF properly, you should see the camera listed here; select it
    - Enter the camera's username and password (these will hopefully be supplied with some documentation that came with the camera).
    - Select ONVIF as the device type
    - Click "Apply Preferences"

    Does that do it?

    As for the requirement for IE, it's not unusual for the more obscure camera brands to have limited browser support, especially on macOS, unfortunately.

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