Command line prefediting? California fires
  • Hi Grogs,

    I have a cabin up in the area of the california Santa Cruze fires. My instance of SSpy is in some kind of odd boot loop with one of the cameras, and is locking up as it tries to connect to it. By this I mean that the UI is locked and simply displays "connecting" as a value.

    my hunch is that one of the other cameras is set for sequential upload,and it's tieing up the system

    Is there some way to edit whatever the preerences are? I am very comfortable with the command line. I want to either disable the 'unconnect' cam or turn off the image capture and network upload from the suspect cam.

    thanks. hasn't burned yet. trees burning across the stream.
  • What kind of access to you have into this machine? Do you have access to SecuritySpy's web interface? If so, you can use this to disable the camera, disarm it, or change its settings. The web interface also has a screen control feature (but this must be turned on specifically under Preferences -> Web). Unfortunately there is no way to edit SecuritySpy's Preferences file via the command line, as it's in a compressed binary format.

    The fires look terrible, I hope you, family, and cabin manage to stay safe!
  • via VNC I have access to the app interface but it is mostly locked up doing something. ( no CPU / memory great ) so I get the classic spinning pizza constantly, then a pause, a click will get through and back to spinning.
    Activity Manager displays "not responding )
    Webs server does not respond. times out.

    the fire is pretty bad, but the weather has been a true wonder. we have had a lot of odd behavior - people stealing from firefighters cars etc.

  • oh the network is fine. ( we dragged fiber about a mile to a ridgeline, and some LOS ubi gear o another ridge )
    I can directly access the mix of Axis and UniFi cams there, and do command line / screen sharing.
  • This could be caused by a few things, for example a drive going bad. I have sent you an email asking for some logs that should help us to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.
  • btw, house didn't burn down. fire stopped about 1/4 mile away on 3 sides. Frankly it's sort of dreadful to be watching your house from the garage Axis cam and wondering if what you're seeing is fire or just super orange sunset light due to smoke.
    It looks like there was a power reset, as I was able to get back in after a total connectivity loss and in SS disable the one pest camera ( amcrest, down along a creekbed )
    I then set the on-site mac to have one window with a direct view of the amcrest and the rest via security spy.
    that worked until the falling redwoods took out all the power for sure.
    the neighborhood was re-populated last week, after a month + of evacuation orders.
  • Glad to hear your house made it through in one piece. I live in Portland, OR and the worst we got was bad smoke for a week. Devastated that so much of CA is burnt up. My partner is from northern CA, and we had lots of areas we loved to camp in that are now gone.

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