Just got some new 5MP Amcrest cameras
  • So I just replaced my 4 year old Hikvision 3MP cameras (DS-2CD2132F-I $150 ea.) with Amcrest 5MP (IP5M-T1179EW-28MM $59 ea.) and my first impression is just WOW! What a difference. These cameras seem to be more than I could ask for in that price range. The picture is amazingly clear and the night vision is stellar, at least compared to what I was used to. The only complaint I have is their support. Don't bother unless you need a replacement!

    That being said, I was having an issue with motion blur/ghosting and I remembered that setting the keyframe rate to 10 at 20 FPS with a 4098 max VBR was the key to fixing that same issue with the Hikvision's. You can only set the keyframe rate to the minimum of the actual frame rate on these new cameras so I had to play around a bit in order to get rid of it.

    Here are my current video settings on the new cameras:

    Encode Mode H.264 (H.265and H.264B are also options)
    Smart Codec OFF
    Resolution 2688*1520(2688x1520)
    Frame Rate(FPS) 20
    Bit Rate Type VBR
    Quality 6(Best)
    Reference Bit Rate 2560-8192Kb/S
    Max Bit Rate 6144 (Kb/S)
    Frame Interval 20

    My goal is to have the best picture possible with a conservative file size. I don't have a full understanding of the complexities of these settings so if anyone has any recommendations to tweak them, please feel free to chime in!


  • Hi Zach,

    Good to hear your feedback about these cameras. Generally Hikvision makes good-quality products, so I think the quality difference here is mainly down to the general improvement in IP camera technology in the 4 years since your Hikvision camera was released, rather than any general issue with Hikvision.

    In terms of the settings, if the goal is to have the best image quality, then VBR and a quality setting of 6 are the right options to choose. I would further suggest that you switch to H.265 encoding, as this should cut your data rate by up to a factor of 2 with no degradation in quality. Make sure to leave the Smart Codec option turned off (this performs non-standard tricks such as dynamically increasing the keyframe rate to such an extend that it can cause decoding issues for SecuritySpy).
  • Hi, does the web interface on the Amcrest cameras work with a current version of Safari?
    I have some old Dahua cameras that work fine but use a plugin for video which no longer works.
    Do most new IP cameras work well with current browsers?
  • Dahau and Safari aren't always the best of friends. Firefox works well.
  • My solution wasn't elegant but currently works - I have a windows VM with the Dahua SmartPSS software installed that I start whenever I want to change something.

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