best low cost ip cam for home use
  • Hello,
    i am looking for a good and low price ip camera for home use.
    I know that there is this post

    but I can't find any good ip cam on amazon.
    I always use foscam but now I've read that is not raccomanded.

    I'm looking for a small one.

    May someone can give me some feedback ?

  • I would stay away from Foscam. In my opinion the best low-cost IP cameras are the lower-end models from Amcrest. These should be available from Amazon as well as directly from (if you are in the US). Just make sure to avoid the "SmartHome" models, as these don't have a standard web interface and have no configuration options, which is a significant limitation.
  • Thanks Ben,
    I'm from Italy. So I'm waiting for the amcrest 2k on amazon

    Amcrest UltraHD Shield 2K Dual-Band WiFi Video Security IP Camera w/ Two-Way Audio, MicroSD Recording, Super Wide 140° Viewing Angle, Full HD 3MP(2304×1296) @ 20FPS and Night Vision IP3M-HX2 (White)

    are good enough?
  • Hi, what is the concern with Foscam? Seem to be working ok for me?
  • Some users have had success with Foscam cameras and SecuritySpy, however we receive frequent messages from others who experience problems. One issue is patchy ONVIF support, and inconsistent APIs across models, so trying to support them is a moving target and often requires manual configuration and trial and error. Other users have complained of low quality and short product lifespans.
  • I had two Foscam Camera's one I had issues with working with Security Spy. I would agree stay away from Foscam. I just recently replaced it with an Amcrest and no issues. Both work well with Security Spy. Although I noticed the Amcrest 4MP is really foggy at night. Need to look at that.
  • I was using Wyze Cam with their RTSP firmware option. At $25, they are dirt cheap, but not super reliable for continuous streaming.

    I'm now testing and love the new Eufy Indoor cams. Only $40 for the camera, or $50 for the version with motorized pan and tilt.

    These things are amazing quality and value - 2K resolution (instead of the typical 1K), they support Eufy cloud storage, built-in microSD Card, and RTSP all standard from them - no special firmware.

    In a few weeks ("mid July") they are supposed to release an upgrade that will add Apple HomeKit support.

    Not clear if it will be basic HomeKit or the full featured HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) and whether RTSP can be used simultaneously, but HomeKit is just an extra from my point of view.

    Would LOVE to see SS support the pan & tilt controls on this great camera

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