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  • Hi All,

    Prior to Security Spy I've used a number of off the shelf solutions including Nest, Arlo and Samsung SmartCam.

    The Nest cameras had a really great feature of giving you a really quick overview of all the activity that has occurred during the day, as if like me you live on a main road your motion activity is too much to go through every occurrence but it's great just to get a summary.

    I've not found any other systems that offered something similar and the Nest had too many other downsides to continue using it.

    Finally I've found Security Spy, and although only still at the testing stages I've managed to setup Security Spy along with Automator and FFMPeg I've been able achieve something that is really useful for me.

    Security Spy is set to only capture video on motion, however I've set up continues image capture every 60 seconds, I've then setup motion image capture every second. The Automation/FFMpeg then converts these still even hour to a mp4 set at 25fps which is giving me a swift video of the day but slows down to show activity in more detail. The bonus is this is visible through the mobile app so can be viewed remotely.

    If this should be of interest to anyone else, please let me know and I'll post a full solution (I'm still tweaking at the minute)

    So far SecuritySpy is proving really versatile, my next challenge is to set up the same system for pet monitoring.
  • Great to hear you are getting on well with SecuritySpy - this sounds like a very ingenious solution. It's an interesting idea for a feature, we will consider implementing something like this in SecuritySpy in the future.
  • I love the idea
  • Hi Andy, I would be interested in seeing your solution as well please as it would complement the script I made to summarise detected motion (shared here: https://www.bensoftware.com/forum/discussion/3149/sending-a-short-fast-video-of-motion-to-telegram-example#Item_2)

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