Continuous capture not working
  • I am moving to a new synology nas to store my recordings. I think i have everything setup properly, but i am getting this error on all 8 cameras.
    "Error performing continuous capture for the camera "Garage", continuous capture mode has been disarmed. (Failed to create new continuous-capture recording 11540,28 No space left on device)"

    there is space on the NAS 24TB free, and the local computer has 150GB free space. and i test the Uploads area and they succeed, for each camera going to a different directory.
  • This particular error code indicates that it's not the movie files themselves that are failing, but the "backup files" that SecuritySpy writes to the ~/SecuritySpy/Backup Files/ folder. These store metadata in order to reconstruct the movie files if there is a problem during capture (e.g. a power cut). The error is occurring when SecuritySpy is attempting to create these files. So it's the space on the Mac's startup (system) volume that you need to look at - try deleting files on the system volume in order to clear some more space.

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