Moving Security Spy to a new computer
  • I tried following directions in the FAQ for copying the preferences file from the Preferences folder in Library and am unable to find the file. What is the specific name? I'd like to avoid having to re-enter all of the settings on the new system. Perhaps the FAQ could also be updated.

  • The file is called "SecuritySpy Preferences vXX" where XX is a version number.

    Hold the alt key while clicking on the Go menu in the Finder. Select Library from this menu to open the Library folder. Open the Preferences folder within this Library folder and you should be able to locate the file in there. Copy the file with the highest version number to the same location on the new computer.
  • i get a error 43 item cant be found when i try this
  • Could you describe in detail what steps you are taking and exactly when you are getting this message? Is this message being displayed by Finder?

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