RTSP Issues (Authentication)
  • I'm trying to get my SS cameras working with an RTSP stream (so I can add them as "TV Channels" on my Enigma OpenViX PVR, incidentally).

    I am able to see a stream on VLC using something like this: "rtsp://streaming:water@" but I get a username/password challenge (which is fine on VLC).

    However how can I get-around this challenge when I have a system (PVR) opening the stream.

    FYI, I have created a streaming userid with permissions set to "Get Live Video & Images".
  • I should have mentioned, I did have a play with this: "http://username:password@address/resource" but I assume this is specific to http not rtsp?

  • The solution is to include authentication in the request itself using an "auth" parameter - this is described in the "Authentication in URL" section of the SecuritySpy Web Server Specification document. Let me know if you have any issues with this.

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