Amazon Alexa skill to use SecuritySpy web server interface
  • I was surprised to see a lack of posts regarding Amazon Alexa - or maybe I just failed to search correctly. I did see one request for a feature to display video on Amazon Show, which is good, but not what I'm asking. I have SecuritySpy schedule presets to arm/disarm motion/actions. I would like an Alexa skill to invoke a preset using the SecuritySpy web server interface, like 'https://system.local:8001/++setPreset?id=nnnnnnnnnn'. Anyone looked into that kind of skill?
  • It does seem like it's possible to create an Alexa Skill that makes an HTTP request - this is described in Amazon's blog post Alexa Skill Recipe: Making HTTP Requests to Get Data from an External API. It seems overly complicated, but there is no reason why it shouldn't work.

    If you attempt this, please report back and let us know how you got on.
  • I found a different way to have Alexa change SecuritySpy schedule presets and it seems to be working. There's an Alexa "skill" from that enables scripts to be executed on a designated computer. It took some time to get it working and I had to buy a subscription, but eventually it let me execute applescript on the system running SecuritySpy, to tell SS to set schedule preset.
  • Great to hear you worked out a solution, and thanks for reporting back.

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