Hikvision error after firmware update
  • After updating the firmware on two Hikvision cameras (model DS-2DE3304W-DE), SeruritySpy will no longer connect to get the video feed. SecuritySpy had been working very well with these cameras. I can view the streams and update camera settings using SeaMonkey browser.

    Log error:
    2020/03/01 23:12:23: Error communicating with the network device "Driveways". 5.2.1,8440,404 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Unrecognised request (resource not found on server).

    Not sure what to look for. Any advice?
  • What "Profile" setting are you using, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device? Try both the Hikvision profile and the ONVIF profile in turn.

    Also, check the "Input or stream number" setting on the same panel - if you have selected a stream number that does not exist on the camera, you will get this error.
  • I've tracked down the problem - and fix.

    ——— The Problem:
    I updated my camera's firmware to v5.5.0, since HikVision recommends installing all updates for improved security. After the update, SecuritySpy could no longer connect via ONVIF.

    I searched all settings on the camera and found nothing wrong.

    Running “Auto-Detect Profiles…” from within SecuritySpy’s Preferences > Cameras > Device, a number of profiles were identified. ONVIF was not in the list, so I searched the HikVision site for “ONVIF" and nothing was returned. Seemed odd, so I searched Google for "HikVision ONVIF”.

    Turns out that HikVision released firmware v5.5.0 with ONVIF disabled. There was no way to know that since there were no version notes with the update.

    In my search, I also found pdf instructions on how to activate ONVIF, within the camera’s settings.

    Unfortunately, the settings in question don’t exist on my cameras. The reason may be explained below in the side note. Who knows.

    ——— The Fix.
    So, back in SecuritySpy, I selected on of the profiles detected earlier (Bosch), and everything was back to normal.

    ——— A Side Note:
    ONVIF Suspends Dahua and Hikvision -- Security Today
  • This is great detective work, many thanks for posting this. It's really unfortunate from a user point of view that ONVIF support is being scaled back here - this will only make things more difficult in terms of setup and ongoing usability.

    I'm surprised that the Bosch profile worked. Did you also try the Hikvision profile?
  • I hadn't tried the Hikvision profile, since it didn't appear in the final list produced by "Auto-Detect Profiles...". However, I just tried the Hikvision profile and it works.

    ------ A little more testing...
    It seems strange that the final list of working profiles usually ends with Bosch, even though SecuritySpy appears to try all profiles.

    Running Auto-Detect against Hikvision repeatedly, the final list sometimes ends with Bosch, sometimes with "Axis (older MPEG-4 cameras)".

    I restarted SecuritySpy, ran Auto-Detect once more, and got the same result. I also restarted the computer and tried again – same outcome.

    Compared to other camera brands on my system, Auto-Detect completes much more quickly on the Hikvision camera.

    Somewhere during my research, I read that the Hikvision firmware update was to enforce tighter security. I wonder if the enhanced security blocks SecuritySpy from getting an accurate read during profile tests. Perhaps Hikvision now blocks repeated connection attempts after a certain number. Bosch is number 51 in the list of profiles.
  • You could be right about this: the Auto-Detect Profiles feature involves making hundreds of connections to the camera in a short space of time - it's possible that this triggers some kind of security measure in the camera that puts a temporary block on incoming connections. Otherwise there should be no reason why the Hikvision profile wouldn't be detected, given that it does actually work. Many thanks for your testing feedback.
  • It might be useful to incorporate some type of Auto-Detect timing control. A user selectable wait time, between profile connection attempts, would allow for automated testing and perhaps avoid any blocking? Who knows...

    Thanks for the great software and support!
  • I just started testing with a Hikvision NVR I removed from a client.

    The Hikvision profile is working for me, but it doesn't allow selection of "Channel Zero".

    This is a common stream from Hikvision, Dahua and possibly other NVRs where they composite multiple cameras into a single feed so you only pull one stream but get a view of all the cameras.

    For Hikvision, the channel number is "001" instead of "101" which is the channel number for the first camera primary feed.

    the direct URL would be:


    Where a.b.c.d is the IP address of the NVR, not the camera

    Somewhat tangent, but does SecuritySpy have the ability to stream out it's own "Channel Zero" composite as a virtual RTSP stream?
  • You could set this up in SecuritySpy manually, as follows:

    - Add a network device
    - Enter the NVR's address, username and password
    - Select "Manual configuration" as the profile
    - Select RTSP as the Format
    - Enter Streaming/Channels/001 as the Request

    As for your other question, SecuritySpy can stream out individual cameras in HTTP/JPEG or RTSP/H.264 mode via its web interface, but not multiple cameras composed together.

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