view live stream on iPad (same network) - stream dies after a few hours
  • I've noticed this in SecuritySpy since I've been using it (a year or so). With the iOS app (on phone or tablet) and on the same network or over the Internet, viewing a single camera's live stream seems to "give up" (X'd out camera icon) after a certain amount of time. Periodic drops and recoveries aren't what I'm talking about -- when it happens it stays dead until I close the stream and re-open it (tapping "Done", then selecting the camera from the list again).

    The SecuritySpy PC is not overloaded (<40% CPU load) and the PC is on a gigabit network (so I'm not anywhere near overloading the LAN connection). Does anyone have any hints or tips on how to either debug or fix this issue?
  • Hi Andrew, I have sent you an invitation to test an updated beta version of our iOS app - please test it and let me know if you see the same problem or not. Check your email for details - you install this on your device via the TestFlight app. Thanks.
  • It's definitely more stable, although I have noticed (thanks to the date/time stamp in the video stream) that the iOS client is now waiting a lot longer before displaying the "broken camera" icon in the middle of the video feed. The time will freeze for several seconds then continue, where before it would just freeze and display the icon.

    I'll let this run for a few hours and see if the "hard fail" occurs, but the iOS beta is definitely an improvement. I also noticed (in the SS web control panel) that you not only graph CPU/memory/packet statistics, but you also *keep* those stats for the past month. This is super helpful, thank you for adding that feature.
  • Due to temporary network slowdowns, which can happen frequently over WiFi, you may get some short pauses in the stream - this is unavoidable. The new new iOS app should be much better at maintaining the connection, and reconnecting in the case of a broken connection. Are you still finding that it's stable, after some further testing?

    Yes, the Dashboard performance data is held for 30 days - I'm glad you find this useful!

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