• I have one of t he new sonoff GK-200MP2-B cameras that I can't seem to get to work in Security Spy.

    They don't have any ONVIF or anything fancy like that, but you can setup an RSTP stream directly to the camera which works fine in VLC, but when using the same settings in SecuritySpy, the video comes out rainbowry like it cannot decode the stream correctly?

    Any ideas or is this a non-starter?
  • That sounds odd, could you please email us a screenshot of this corrupted image? The fact that the error is a decoding error, not some kind of connection error, does indicate that this issue may not have a solution - some cameras simply produce video data that cannot be decoded on a Mac for whatever reason (normally some error in the stream itself that may not show up on other decoders).

    One thing to check is if the camera has any settings related to the encoding of the video stream: a choice between H.264 or H.265, or a choice of "profile" or VBR/CBR encoding. You could try all available options to see they have any bearing on this problem.
  • Hi Ben

    This is the camera image:
    And the codec info as per VLC if it helps!:

    I couldn't see anywhere to change the stream choices, it seems to be a very closed system with exception of being able to enable an RTSP stream.

    It's also a PTZ camera, but I'm guessing I will not be able to use that using a RTSP stream link?
  • It looks like the H.264 stream from this camera cannot be decoded by VideoToolbox, which is the macOS framework that SecuritySpy uses for video decoding. I'm afraid there's probably nothing can be done about this.

    The only possible option is to try the "Auto Detect Profiles" button under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device. There's a small chance that an existing profile can pull in a JPEG stream from the camera.

    You are correct - with a manual RTSP setup, PTZ won't work.

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