inconsistant camera viewing
  • I have an odd situation where a SSpy web server, the SSpy ( 5.2.1 ) app, and the cameras are getting out of whack. The first time this happened I drove 40 min to the location only to find that 1) the camera hadn't died 2) the server was up 3) the bandwidth was super duper, 4) the memory footprint was nominal, 5) the CPU load fine...

    hmm. well it was a nice day so I did some death-to-ivy and NAS tweeking... and came back.

    so it's happening again.

    ( )

    I first noticed this with my remote connection to the web sever failing to display some cameras. ( left hand side of above image )

    However if I sidestep the public IP and tunnel in and go to the IP of the camera directly I see the proper image. ( middle image of above PNG )

    for kicks using the same tunnel I go to SSpy directly, and I see under Camera->Setup a different camera. ( right hand image of above PNG )

    for further fun I select Triggers and I see yet a different camera... an Amcrest we have watching the adjacent creek.

    most often after multiple requests everything gets back in 'sync' as it were.

    --- hmm ---

    and TBH I am now seeing this occasionally on our main SSpy 5.2.1 installation. I have the same situation now and again. In this build all the access I am doing is with local internal routes.

    This happens across the limited spectrum of cameras I have. Mostly Axis, 1 Amcrest creek-sacrafice cam, and a couple of the little Flex' as cheap tests. Both SSpy instances are licensed, and up to date.

    Every camera is a fixed IP. fast hardwired network infrastructures.


    I am worried, centrally, about recording motion on these properties.

  • Very strange - this looks like it could be a problem with the decoding, encoding or display of video. This shouldn't affect the captured files if you haven't enabled the "Recompress video data" option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device because with this option turned off, the video data coming in from the camera is saved to the movie files as-is.


    - In this condition, if you open the "All Cameras" window, do you see all the feeds correctly? Are they updating?

    - In the Preferences window, if you switch between the Setup and Triggers tabs, does this cause the video to revert to normal?

    - How long after SecuritySpy has been operating normally does this happen roughly?

    One thing you could try, at least for now, is to enable the "Quit And Reopen Every Day At Midnight" option in the Debug submenu via the SecuritySpy menu. This should at least reset things on a regular basis, and prevent the problem from occurring.
  • Mr. B, I've been away tumbling down the mountains with sticks on my feet.
    I have a mess of at-computer-writing to do tomorrow and I'll knock these sensible questions down.

    * Given the time zones b'tn you and California are there any logs I should grep, for what? you may get that response to me before I get to this upcoming work.
    * Re #2, not always but that is a thing I have flailed upon.
    * is there a better way to post images to this forum/etc?
  • I hope you enjoyed your tumbling!

    With this problem I don't think there will be anything in the logs, but you could check SecuritySpy's main log (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log).

    Unfortunately this forum does not have built-in support for images.

    Perhaps it's best if we help you with this directly: please send an email to and include the log file and any relevant screenshots.
  • ok! we've done this before; and it looks like an odd enough problem that there won't be a general solution.

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