Enable remote control trought apple script os bash command
  • Is there any way to turn on and off remote control trought apple script or bash command?

  • Yes, you can control most of SecuritySpy's settings via HTTP requests that can be made using curl, which you can invoke via Bash or AppleScript.

    The only issue here is that this is done via SecuritySpy's web interface, so if you turn off the web interface then you can no longer issue HTTP requests to it. The solution would be to leave the HTTP web interface on all the time, and use that to issue requests to turn on/off the HTTPS interface, whereby the HTTPS interface is the only one exposed to the Internet.

    To disable or enable SecuritySpy's HTTPS web interface, make a POST to ++preferences with the following content:


    where X is 0 or 1.

    When using curl via Bash, the command would be:

    curl -d 'enableHTTPSCheck=1&action=save' http://address:8000/++preferences

    where address is the address of the Mac running SecuritySpy (if your script will be running on the same Mac as SecuritySpy, you can use localhost).

    If you want to put this in an AppleScript, use the "do shell script" AppleScript command to invoke Bash to execute your curl command.
  • Sorry Ben, I was asking about screen remote control!
  • Sorry, the screen control feature intentionally can't be enabled via the web interface (and therefore by curl/AppleScript), for security reasons. It must be enabled manually via the macOS user interface, and is turned off by default.

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