iOS Feature Request - swiping full size captured photos right and left
  • I use the SS iOS app quite frequently and would like to propose a feature that I thing would be very handy.

    Pressing the Captures button at the bottom of the screen brings up a list of captured photos; about 9 photos per screen on my iPhone X. If I press on one of them I get a full screen image, which is nice.

    It would be great to swipe that full screen image right or left to see the next or previous image in the list, staying at full size.

    Currently one needs to go back to the list of thumbnails in order to view another full size photo. That's a little inconvenient, especially as the previous thumbnail isn't highlighted and it's easy to forget where you were in the list.

    Swiping full size images left and right would be a killer feature! Thanks for considering!
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, we agree that this would be a useful feature and this is on the "to do" list for the next update. Unfortunately this requires us to re-write the movie/image playback screen from the ground up (we currently use Apple's standard playback UI, but this unfortunately does not allow customisation), which is why it hasn't been done so far. But we do plan to do this in order to add swiping as well as sharing from the movie playback screen.

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