Mac hanging after a few days
  • My mac mini with an i5 6-core and 16GB RAM is hanging every few days so set up a shell script to run top and collect process and memory stats and put them to a file. Here is the last collection before it crashed and my screen was more or less completely unresponsive, which requires a hard reboot. Force quitting does nothing. There are two processes stuck, SS and WindowServer. Anyone seen this before? I happens every 3-4 days like clockwork.

    Fri Jan 24 08:30:00 PST 2020
    Processes: 1617 total, 5 running, 3 stuck, 1609 sleeping, 2524 threads
    2020/01/24 08:30:02
    Load Avg: 1.89, 1.65, 1.66
    CPU usage: 16.24% user, 32.31% sys, 51.43% idle
    SharedLibs: 280M resident, 77M data, 22M linkedit.
    MemRegions: 90883 total, 2850M resident, 315M private, 1552M shared.
    PhysMem: 10G used (3047M wired), 6261M unused.
    VM: 6744G vsize, 1881M framework vsize, 0(0) swapins, 0(0) swapouts.
    Networks: packets: 1249691258/879G in, 868226592/146G out.
    Disks: 2345595/47G read, 2885027/87G written.

    574M SecuritySpy 0.0 56893 stuck 501
    291M VTDecoderXPCServ 0.0 56895 sleeping 501
    278M kernel_task 0.0 0 running 0
    230M WindowServer 0.0 213 stuck 88
  • Here are some general troubleshooting steps you can try:

    - Make sure your macOS system is up to date.

    - Make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    - Enable the "Send diagnostic data" option in the Preferences, and then wait until the problem happens. Just after, go to the ~/Library/Application Support/SecuritySpy/Diagnostics/ folder, hopefully you will see some "sample" files there. Please email them to us.

    - One option to mitigate these issues is to click on the Debug submenu via the SecuritySpy menu, and enable the open "Quit And Reopen Every Day At Midnight"

    If the above doesn't help, please email us and we will try to help you with this directly.
  • I've installed ver 5.2.1 that was just released and enabled settings like you mentioned.

    Will let you know what happens. Thanks Ben

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