Reolink 423s frame rate and a PTZ issue
  • I've got a Reolink 423s that has been on SecuritySpy for a long time. Typically very few issues. Few days ago I noticed a couple of things. The encoding frame rate is 12 fps on SS. I have the camera set to its highest performance - 3072x1728, 20 fps, 8192kbps. The SS encoder is correctly detecting the resolution from the camera and recording it. I realize it's possible the system just can't deal with these settings, but the CPU usage by SS is minimal. The computer is a 2012 Mac Mini with 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM and a 4TB external drive on USB 3 for data. In the past I 20fps was being recorded, but I don't have any historical clips to verify. Anything I can do to get the frame rate higher? Get a new Mini? ????

    Another thing, the system is not dealing with PTZ presets properly. This has worked fine in the past, but has on occasion been finicky. Right now I can't seem to save presets successfully and SS does not retrieve the ones that are saved. I access the Mac via screen sharing and I'm not sure the Option+Click command to save is getting through. Is there a way to delete the presets on the SS side maybe using Terminal? I've tried setting presets using the Reolink native app, but what I set using that app doesn't correspond with what I see on the SS side. I use the ONVIF profile. I know you have said SS just calls PTZ info stored in the camera, but maybe the Reolink app doesn't do that? Anyway, not sure how to fix this.
  • SecuritySpy has no control over the frame rate: it will simply accept the rate of the video stream as it arrives over the network. If you are getting a lower frame rate than expected, then this is down to the camera itself or the network. What is the network connection between the camera and SecuritySpy? For best performance I would recommend a Gigabit Ethernet switch, with good-quality Ethernet cables connecting both the camera and the Mac to the switch. Avoid WiFi wherever possible. If your Mac mini's CPU usage is low, then this won't be the problem, so getting a faster Mac won't help.

    As for the PTZ, this could be something to do with the access via Screen Sharing. Have you tried accessing via SecuritySpy's web interface? The way the PTZ preset controls work via the web interface is the same as in the software's macOS UI (option-click to save preset; simple click to recall).

    The other thing to try is to use the Reolink profile rather than the ONVIF profile, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device. Some cameras don't implement the ONVIF presets mechanism properly.
  • Well, everything is wired with gigabit ethernet. That doesn't mean there isn't a problem between the camera and the Mini. Guess I'll have to do some troubleshooting. Using the camera client app I could see that the camera bitrate generated was reflected in the ethernet port throughput. After power cycling everything, the frame rate came up to 15fps for a while. Odd. And then it dropped back down to 12 again. Thinking it might be the camera at this point.

    I just tried the web interface and it still won't save the preset. I have existing presets, so it worked at one time.

    I tried the Reolink profile and the PTZ functions don't work at all. No movement, no saving or recalling.
  • I would be surprised if it is the Mini speed that is causing this issue as I have a 423s on my setup with 3 other cameras and it works fine on my 2013 i5 quad2.7ghz iMac so our setups are very similar
  • The PTZ presets for Reolink with SS never worked for me (nor for a few other users here) and was already adressed to Ben long time ago in another thread. But so far no reply nor improvement.
  • We are aware of PTZ issues with the Reolink profile in SecuritySpy, however since Reolink is officially not supported by SecuritySpy (see our Supported Cameras list for more details), this is unlikely to be fixed in the near future.

    When using the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy, we have heard that PTZ movement works but presets may not work. We are sure that SecuritySpy is following the ONVIF specification correctly, and the problem here is with the camera and not SecuritySpy.

    So if you have a PTZ-capable Reolink camera, the best advice is to use the ONVIF profile rather than the Reolink profile. But really you would be better off replacing these cameras for other brands. We have reported camera firmware bugs (mainly with corrupt RTSP streams) to Reolink many times over the last couple of years, and it seem that they are not interested in fixing them; instead they are concentrating on their own closed system, for which they charge monthly fees.
  • Yeah I have concluded that the Reolink cameras are only in performance and quality. I will plan on replacing this one and relegating it to squirrel cm duty in the backyard or something. Thanks for the info Ben.

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