Incompatible Dahua H265, Any Improvement with Catalina?
  • As an already known issue, of my older Dahua cameras produce a H265 stream that is not compatible with the Mojave MacOS decoder. Newer Dahua cameras produce a compatible H265 stream (at least in landscape orientation anyways). Those H265 streams are indeed much smaller bitrate for equivalent image quality.

    Before I waste any effort on upgrading my SS machine to Catalina to test, does anyone know if Catalina improves the range of compatible H265 inputs?
  • Unfortunately not - as far as I know, the situation is the same on Catalina. I have reported this issue to Apple a while ago now, but there has been no significant progress unfortunately.
  • Thanks. Saves me doing the experiment. I really hate altering a stable system unless there is a good reason.
  • Hi, this H.265 incompatibility is more likely to be fixed (if at all/ever) in cameras firmware, due to customer pressure/requests (as opposed to in macOS where its likely strictly correct).
    Hence other tested brands H.265 streams/cameras working fine (i.e with H.265, not H.265+ etc, Encoded with "Main" Profile).
  • A positive update: we have now found and fixed the problem with H.265 video decoding with Dahua cameras.

    It turns out that it wasn't the video data per se, but rather the unusual way in which the H.265 data is encapsulated in the RTP stream by the camera, that was resulting in this issue. By adjusting SecuritySpy to be able to interpret the stream, SecuritySpy is now able to extract valid image data that decodes correctly.

    This fix is in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.2b10) so please test this with your camera(s) and confirm that it now works as expected. Once we have enough confirmations from users that the issue is fixed, we'll get an official update released as soon as possible.

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