Cannot access SecuritySpy
  • Hi everyone
    Does anybody have any idea why securityspy wont start. The box comes up saying registered to etc. It freezes on resolving captured destinations. And thats it. Its been working fine for over 2 years upto now.
  • It has come on after a reeboot.
  • Sorry guys I still have a problem. The software is taking ages to load on the startup as I say above. But when it comes on I have lost 3 of my camera links. They just keep on saying connecting and time out.
  • Firstly, please make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    If it pauses on startup with the message "Finding capture destinations", this means that you have set a custom capture destination for a camera (or the global capture destination) that is no longer available. For example, it may be a USB drive that has been unplugged, or a network drive that has disconnected. SecuritySpy will wait for around 20 seconds for the disk(s) to become available (during which time it will attempt to mount any network drives that have been unmounted). If you don't want to wait, press the esc key on the keyboard to cancel the process and use the default capture destination instead (~/SecuritySpy/Captured Files/).

    If you are getting timeout errors from your cameras, this is a different issue (though a common cause could be lack of network, if your custom capture destination is a network drive). Check that your Mac and the cameras are still connected to the network. If you are using WiFi, consider using wired Ethernet instead, as this is always going to be much more reliable. A reboot of your Mac and cameras can also be helpful in this situation.

    If you are still having problems with this, please email us, include all relevant information (including screenshots that show the setup and demonstrate the issue) and we will help you with this directly.

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