iOS SecuritySpy app and SS5
  • I have been using the iOS Security Spy app since it came out with great success. When Security Spy 5 came out with the ability to do "Automatic HTTPS certificate generation", I switched from my own certs (from as recommended on previous versions of SS) to the internally generated one.

    Everything works fine. However, the iOS SecuritySpy app frequently "looses" the settings and I have to re-enter the server information. I still have Remote Patrol on my phone and it has never had an issue (as a comparison ).

    Just to be clear - this is only when not on my own network and using the built in DDNS feature as well. Browsers don't appear to have an issue. When in the house both the iOS and tvOS apps do not have an issue (both use https as well).

    My suspicion is it has to do with the app trusting the certificate. I am only guessing that because I do have my chrome and safari browsers ask me more frequently if I trust the cert. But that is just a guess.

    Anyone seen this?

  • Hi Eric,

    This is not a known problem. How often do you encounter this? In addition, with the official HTTPS certificate, Chrome and Safari should not be asking you to trust the certificate - it should be automatically trusted.

    One thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. Next, we can check over your settings and make a test connection to check the certificate (no login details required - we don't need to actually log on), so to allow us to do this please email a screenshot of your Web settings to
  • Thanks and will do. I am also sending a screenshot of safari not liking the certificate.

  • Hi Eric, thanks for your email, as covered therein, please set "HTTPS encryption options" back to default. Or when you've updated to version 5.2, make sure the "HTTPS encryption level" is set to "2" or higher.

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