How do I stop the human scream?
  • Got woke up this morning @ 5:00am to something screaming. Scared the **** outta the cat.
    Anyway, set Action to 'none', still get the scream after about 10 minutes. What's triggering this? Never happened before. Do recall updating a few days ago and am wondering if that's somehow connected.

  • Hi Mark, that sounds shocking! Most likely, one of your cameras is set to play the human scream sound as an Action, and this is getting triggered. Check the Action settings for all cameras and remember to click the “Apply Preferences” button for the changes to take effect (or close the Preferences window and it will ask you if you want to save the settings).
  • I remember when this happened to me, scared the life out of me! I think Ben is right, somehow the 'human scream' option had set itself, perhaps the camera is haunted!

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